Monday, April 30, 2012

Pre Dance Recital Pics......

Today Kennedy Grace had to take her Dance pictures. I can't wait until the actually photos come back. My baby is such a girl. A big Thanks to Nana for fixing my babies hair and applying her makeup!!!!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Upward Basketball

Kyron played Upward basketball this past season and boy he loved it. He enjoyed meeting new friends and running up and down the count having fun. He can't wait until next season to start all over again


Finally Easter

I am just know getting around to Easter Weekend pictures. With so much from Easter Egg Hunts, Birthday Parties, Family Dinners. We well........ ok I was tired once it was time to head back to work. I am just going to allow the pictures do the talking.

Dyeing Eggs with Nana was a big success. Kyron, Kennedy Grace, and Kaden really enjoyed seeing the eggs change colors.
There is always one Brown Kid not looking at the camera. Oh well........

Cute pic of the family I think minus my aunt in the background. HAHAHA

Here is The Gang minus my sister and her family. They rather spend their time at the Beach. I can't be mad at them wished I was there as well.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LV Want

I am a BIG LV HandBag Lover I only have one LOL,but I drool over several and at this moment I am loving this baby right here.
I feel it is the perfect size and it's a shoulder bag that I am really going to need with 5 kids. Can't afford to have a handbag without a strap. After watching this video she really put the icing on the cake

Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break

 I know that I am a little behind,but with everything going on UGH!!! It's hard to blog a lot latley. Spring Break at our house was very low key and when I say low key we did not take a vacation or anything. The DH Spring Break was the week before our because we work in two different school systems and that is just how the calenders where planned. The kids and I just went to Nana's house everyday and enjoy watching her get a new metal roof put on her house. I believe the only person that enjoyed Spring Break was Kyron. He decided that he wanted to hangout with his cousins and go fishing for the first time. Well let's just say that he loves it. My baby caught 2 fish. YEAH!!!!!!!! Way to go Kyron. Now that is all we talks about going fishing again. Guess we will have a little fisherman in the Brown household now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lil Diva

Kennedy Grace is truley a Diva at heart. Well she think she is anyways. My niece had her 11th birthday party last weekend and Kennedy Grace was one of the Diva's that got papmered for the day. She really enjoyed herself and did not have to share the shot light with her brothers. She was excited.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Boy

My baby is 6 years old can't believe it. It seem like yesterday Kyron was born and Torry and I was beyond thrilled. Now you have grown into this young fella that is very active, smart, and lovable. You did not want much for your Birthday and that was a surprise. Celebrating your Birthday with Dinner at O'Charley's and a basketball theme cupcake cake and you were happy. Along with your Nintendo DS 3D Game and Nerf case and a couple of outfits you were one happy camper. Now that you are SIX you only concern is when will I loose my TEETH.

 Before you even washed your faced Mommy, Daddy and Sister sanged Happy Birthday to you will a breakfast Honeybun. Which is your favorite!!!!! ( Kaden was still asleep)
 After washing your face and brushing your teeth momma had to get another photo of the Birthday Boy holding his fingers up to show the number SIX. Handsome Fella!!!!!
 Open your eyes it's ok it's what you asked for Nintendo DS 3D Game and a Blue Nerf case.
 Nothing like having new Nike gear to wear to basketball practice with daddy this summer.
 Thanks for sharing your dessert from dinner with momma it was delicious. Just love that smile.
 The cake you requested
 All smiles when the family was singing Happy Birthday to you.
Make a wish my love!!! Hope and Pray they come true for you.

Happy Birthday Sweet Man!!!!!!I

I can't believe God blessed Torry and I six years ago with Kyron Preston Brown. He is one special kid. There is so much that he has taught me that he doesn't even know about. In one month my baby will become a 1st grader. I never imagine this day. Happy Birthday sweet man.
More pictures to come.......

Friday, April 13, 2012


Everyone ask everytime they see us what are twins names going to be. Well before we even found out what the sex was going to be we had several names for either boys or girls. Well after several suggestions and a lot of funny laughing monments we decided on naming our two sweet blessing from God.
BABY A~ Girl~ Karsyn Grae Brown
Baby B~ Boy ~Kree Payton Brown

We are a family full of "K" names and everyone just knew that my babies where going to have the same initals and they where right. I just love everything being so uniformed. People might think I am weird.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

20 Weeks..... Half way there

Today mark the 20th week of my pregnancy. I am so excited that I was able to find out what I am having at our last Dr. Visit. The babies are weighing at 10 oz Baby A and 12 oz. Baby B. If you are wondering what Baby A is and Baby B is well ok WE ARE HAVING.............

Can you believe it? I can't either they are Fraternal Twins which is great. Baby B is the Boy and he is weighing more then my sweet Baby A Girl, but that is ok. I am just blessed beyond measures with twin gifts from God. It's amazing how my life has really changed over the past 10 years of so. Who would have ever thought I would be a mother to soon to be 5 sweet blessing from God. I can't even image myself without them at this point. Things get CRAZY from time to time and I feel that I am about to lose my mind,but I always manage to pull through. We have the names already too but I will wait until tomorrow's post. Don't want to give to much info. right now. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Up Grade

I can not wait until it's time for me to upgrade my Verizon cell phone. I have to wait until June,but it's of since I have a $50.00 credit towards my next phone. I am waiting to upgrade to this Don't know whether or not I will get the white or black one. I have been waiting it become an Apple Iphone person for quite sometime now and now that Verizon carries the phones why not. Now I will need a case for it. I really don't like the Otterbox's that is out there like this.
It's something about the thickness of it. People say I am weird. I just want something very chic and simple like

from ShorelyChic on Etsy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pictures of our wonderful weekend will be posted soon.