Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Boy

My baby is 6 years old can't believe it. It seem like yesterday Kyron was born and Torry and I was beyond thrilled. Now you have grown into this young fella that is very active, smart, and lovable. You did not want much for your Birthday and that was a surprise. Celebrating your Birthday with Dinner at O'Charley's and a basketball theme cupcake cake and you were happy. Along with your Nintendo DS 3D Game and Nerf case and a couple of outfits you were one happy camper. Now that you are SIX you only concern is when will I loose my TEETH.

 Before you even washed your faced Mommy, Daddy and Sister sanged Happy Birthday to you will a breakfast Honeybun. Which is your favorite!!!!! ( Kaden was still asleep)
 After washing your face and brushing your teeth momma had to get another photo of the Birthday Boy holding his fingers up to show the number SIX. Handsome Fella!!!!!
 Open your eyes it's ok it's what you asked for Nintendo DS 3D Game and a Blue Nerf case.
 Nothing like having new Nike gear to wear to basketball practice with daddy this summer.
 Thanks for sharing your dessert from dinner with momma it was delicious. Just love that smile.
 The cake you requested
 All smiles when the family was singing Happy Birthday to you.
Make a wish my love!!! Hope and Pray they come true for you.

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