Saturday, April 20, 2013

Miami Heat Style

Kyron loves basketball and I guess with daddy being a coach doesn't help any. So when he mentioned that he wanted his party to be a Miami Heat Basketball theme party I knew he would be happy. The food was great and the cake was even better. HAHAHA. Mommy love cake.
Happy 7th Birthday Kyron Brown!!!!!!

 Kyron was so happy to receive his trophy from Coach Dad. Every since daddy gave his High School Basketball players their trophies Kyron was a bit upset about not getting one. Daddy had already made plans to present Kyron with his on his 7th Birthday. What a delight to see him light up when he received it. Way to go Kyron  Brown!!!!

Look out world it's Mr. Cool Baby Kree!!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Field Trip 2013

Mommy was so excited to attend your Field Trip with you . I think you were happier then moma was.