Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kaden's Diaper Bag

I have considered several different diaper bags from several different designers. I really like this bag from Pottery Bran Kids.I love the diaper bag from Vera Bradley , but I just feel that the pattern prints are made more for little girls and not boys. So I think I will purchase this bag for Baby Kaden.. I know you guys are probably thinking about what type of bedding will she use. Well I am still puzzling myself about it. Kaden will be the third child in the Brown's house hole and purchasing a new set of bedding is something that I just can't see happening. So I have decided to use Kyron's bedding for Kaden as well. It's still in great condition and I still love the colors and design. The bedding was created from the Wendy Bellissimo nursery collection.
I also adore the Jenny Lind crib that's in the photo. I am thinking about purchasing him a crib since Kennedy Grace is still in her bed and her bed changing into a full size bed for when she change over to a big girl bed.