Saturday, May 30, 2015

My 35th Birthday

WOW!!!! I'm 35 years old today. Man I am getting older by the minute. HAHAHA!!!!! So much has happened in my short period of life that I am blessed and highly favored about it. Married, mother or 5 and a lot of love from family and friends. God is truly amazing.
 Thanks Starbucks for my favorite  FREE Frapp. 
 But hey kids love Starbucks too. So a trip wouldn't be complete without everyone getting a Frapp right? They better be glad I love them to pieces.
 He knows me well. Girl can't get enough of Lilly Pulitzer in her closet.

 Isn't she lovely?!?!?!?!?!!?
 Two of my most favorite men in my life. My protectors, my heart, my everything.
 Say cheese!!! Thanks Kyron for being the photographer ;)
 Daddy's girl for sure and he loves every minute of it.
 All Smiles!!!!
 Cool dudes for sure!!!!

Double the fun!!!!




Love having family to celebrate your birthday with. This family right here are one of the most loving, protecting, caring families I know and I am so blessed that my family is apart of their lives. Cousin/ Family.


 Love this man right here. He is my King, Protector, Lover, Provider, my everything.
 My FAMILY!!!!
Yummy, yummy my tummy!!!!!

 Kisses from my LOVE!!!!
Is it good Karsyn????