Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I believe Kaden will need!

I know I will be the mother of three, but remembering things are a little harder especially when you have two small children as well as a newborn. I've been reading a new bloggers blog and boy I tell you she has inspired me a lot. She just recently had her fourth child and she has given me some great ideas of things to add before Kaden arrives. Has any one every heard of the ITZBEEN
I am still going to use the same carseat that Kyron and Kennedy Grace used. It's a Graco and i still feel that it's in great condition. The only thing is that I want to give it some fashion just a little so I came across these it's a Kiddopotamus Suzzler.

New Shoes for Kaden

I think I have found Kaden a shoe that will probably look good on his little feet. I never really pay any attention to this shoe for my other two babies, but Kaden will have to have a couple pair of these Pediped are so cute and looks very comfortable. I just hope I can find a store a little closer than 30 to 45 mins. away from my house that sells them.