Wednesday, June 15, 2011

11 month

Big boy started stand up and getting into a lot on June 14th well I guess becuse he is 11 month old now and he is getting into everything. Can't believe next month my baby will be a year old. :(



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Haven't seen me in a while.......

I know I have not blogged about my baby in a long time. It is so hard to take photos of the third child. I always told myself that I was not going to not take photos, but boy I fooled myself. It's hard to rememeber to get them in a timely manner. So you may see that Kaden did not change much in each months photo. LOL




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Pre K-4 Graduation

I know I am late,but rather be late then never right? I have been buzy with the little ones this summer that I have not been able to share my babies graduation photos. Still can't believe he will be at his mother's school next year. Such a Big Boy!!!!



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