Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Painting

I know you are thinking she is crazy, but I am just loving this customized Halloween painting Layla Grayce
image via

Pottery Barn VS Ballard Design

I have always loved Pottery Barn and still do but I am just loving Ballard Designs Christmas catalog. I have been wanting for some time now to redecorate different areas in the house and I am just loving these pics that were in the most recent catalog from Ballard Designs. What do you think?
This would be very nice right in my foyer area. It's not to much and not to little it's just right to make a statement. Don't you agree?
Once Kaden is a big boy which will be a long time we plan to finish the unfinish bonus room and move Kyron into that space and Kaden take Kyron's old room and Kaden's bedroom will turn into our much need space for a home office. Wht do you think about this space above. It's just a warm and cozyyet inviting area, but still allows you to get the work done. all images via

This would be my family room once the kids are teenagers and I can keep it clean. Wishful thinking right!