Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vacation: Day 3

Tuesday, March 25th

On this morning which was out last day at Disney, we started our day at  Hollywood Studios. Again it was a magical place just like Magic Kingdom. The kids was at AHHHH about everything.
First pic we took once we got into the park. The kids was ready for another fun filled day.

 Kaden almost missed his visit with Pluto. Had to take one of many potty breaks and he was running across the park so that he could make the picture. Way to go Kaden Bug!!!!!

Watching a live on stage show was awesome. I think everyone in the place knew the songs and was singing along and dancing.  Karsyn and Kree dancing so much it was funny.

Finally meeting Mater

 Lightning McQueen was a nice shiny ride.
Walking down the streets in Hollywood Studios was like walking into a real city. It reminded of the street of NYC. Everything was real.

Sining in the Rain!!!!

This reminds me of walking and entering into NYC subway station.

 Karsyn was like I am ready to leave this place….. can we GO?!??!??!?! I love this photo.
After a wonderful day everyone is still smiling and ready to go eat dinner. Although we decided to head back to the resort and order room service  everyone was happy because we were so tired that Kaden feel asleep before making it back to the resort.
Even though our vacation was packed with a lot of adventure in 2 full days everyone was happy and loved being at DISNEY!!! We are already planning to go back Spring Break 2015 The Brown's will be back at Disney for another magical trip.

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