Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kyron's Last Birthday Gift

I can't wait until it arrives. We went ahead and ordered the kids this baby here.. At first I did not want to order Kyron something for his birthday that was two expense, but all three of the kids are going to enjoy it. So I guess purchasing it for everyone is not a bad deal after all. So for Kennedy Graces birthday we plan to order this from Pottery Barn Kids

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birthday Recap Part 2

Birthday Recap Part 1

Kyron wanted to share Cupcakes and Capri Sun with his classmates at school. Mommy hated that she could not be there, but it seem like the kids really enjoyed themselves. Kyron was so excited about sharing with his friend on his big day.


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kyron's 4th Birthday

Kyron's 1st Birtday was celebrated with a lot of family and friends and he really did not have a theme everything was blue and green with the the number "1" on everything. Well I guess you would say his theme was NUMBER 1.

Kyron's 2nd Birthday was celebrated by having a MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE PARTY THEME

Kyron's 3rd Birthday was celebrated with a Safari Theme based on his favorite movie MADAGASCAR.

This year he loves CARS the Disney movie so his cake will have the CARS Characters on it.

We are not having a party this year since brother Kaden is due in the same month as Kennedy Grace's birthday and I knew I would not be able or feeling up to a party for her so I thought it was only fair that Kyron did not have one either.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Celebration Take Two

Today is my sister's birthday! I hope she has a very blessed birthday and I hope her day be feeled with everything she wishes for.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday my sweet little niece turned 9 years old. She really enjoyed her birthday and can't wait until she can go and spend her gift card to Starbucks. Thanks to her favorite auntie. Everyone celebrated her birthday by going to eat at her favorite restaurant O'Charley's.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Zoo 2010

We had a wonderful time at the Zoo on yesterday. This was the kids first time going and I have to admit they enjoyed themselves. Kyron wants to go back really soon. I have really enjoyed the kids the week since I was one Spring Break and could not travel to the beach since the DH has already had his Spring Break. So me and the kids decided to make the best of it and explore what is right here in Alabama. After the zoo we went to eat at Chappy's Deli in Mountain Brook. The best part of that was the Free ice cream that the kids enjoyed. I decided to go ahead and shop a little while I was in the area and I ventured off the The Summit at Birmingham



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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I know you guys are thinking what is that title all about. Well I am thinking about getting Kyron one of these sweet babies. I am not an animal lover, but I don't think a frog will be that bad. It's from a company "EcoAquarium™" by Wild Creations™. They received the National Parenting Seal of Approval in 2009, the Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine and are in the running for Toy of the Year in 2010The best part about this pet is that it's totally self sufficient. Each EcoAquarium is a complete aquatic ecosystem environment that requires no additional chemicals, filters, or aeration. They only need the water changed every five or six months using fresh, bottled spring water. The "Living Gravel", which acts as the natural filtration system for the aquarium, does not need to be cleaned.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love the Tee

I am going to have to order this once Kaden gets here I am just lovin the t-shirts. They just make a statement to me.. I know that Kyron and Daddy will have Kaden playing the game as well. Now you know Baby Girl can not be left out so I will have to order this one for her. Go ahead and order yours today at Boymom

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

The Brown's 2010 Easter Portrait
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Easter Egg Hunt at....

Nana and Papa's house. Kennedy Grace really enjoyed hereself. She did not want to give her daddy her basket once the egg hunt was over. This kids really wants to be independent. Kyron just love to be outside and being with his cousin.



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Easter at the In-Laws

The kids really enjoyed themeselves seeing their grandparents today. I just wished all of their cousins would have been there to see them. It's hard to see everyone since everyone does not attend the same church and had different engagments after church.



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Sweet Babies

This is one Cool Dude and one Beautiful Princess!

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Eater Bunny Came to Visit

Kyron was so excited about the Easter Bunny coming and leaving his basket at the front door. That what we told him right before he went to bed that night before. I course he was thinking about Santa and I had to tell him that it's not time for Santa and inform him that it's the Easter Bunny time. So time he wake up this morning he asked his daddy if the Easter Bunny came. Boy oh boy kids sure do remember when it's time for them to receive gifts.



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Dying Easter Eggs

Dying easter eggs was a bit challenging this year. Kennedy Grace did not quite want to help out the way she should and Kyron was over excited. I guess that is what I am suppose to expect with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Over all it was a very fun event.



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Birthday Tradition for

Kennedy Grace. I know Kennedy Grace Birthday is not until July, but I think I am going to start a tradition for her on her birthday. I will have to purchase one from her 1st birthday, but that just means that this year she will receive two Charms from James Avery. Maybe once she turns 8 to maybe even 12 purchase her the actual bracelet and put the charms on it. This is the charm that I am going to purchase this year. Even though she's not having a birthday party, but we are going to have cake and ice cream on her actual birthday her cake is going to be a ladybug!

Happy Easter 2010