Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spring 2010

WOW I am so overwhelmed with the spring clothing that is out for Kenedy Grace and Kyron for the spring 2010. From Kelly Kids, Chez Ami,Orient Expressed, and Castle and Crowns. I don't no where to start or even how to narrow down my selection. I have actually picked out something from each page in the books. My DH want allow me to spend that kind of money, but hi a girl can always dream right! I have to decided before the 26th of the Month because I will be attend a Kelly's Kids party. My girl friend keep telling me to shop for next season meaning. Go ahead and buy Fall 09 clothing since it's on sale. I never really liked to do that, but I guess with two kids and one on the way that might be the way I have to shop for now on. Does anyone else shop this way?