Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kyron's 4th Birthday

Kyron's 1st Birtday was celebrated with a lot of family and friends and he really did not have a theme everything was blue and green with the the number "1" on everything. Well I guess you would say his theme was NUMBER 1.

Kyron's 2nd Birthday was celebrated by having a MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE PARTY THEME

Kyron's 3rd Birthday was celebrated with a Safari Theme based on his favorite movie MADAGASCAR.

This year he loves CARS the Disney movie so his cake will have the CARS Characters on it.

We are not having a party this year since brother Kaden is due in the same month as Kennedy Grace's birthday and I knew I would not be able or feeling up to a party for her so I thought it was only fair that Kyron did not have one either.