Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vacation: Day 2

Monday, March 24th

On this morning, we started our day  bright and early so that we could get a fun filled day at the Magic Kingdom. Once you walk into the Park it's just beyond magical. It's like WOW!!!! Am I in a dream. The parks are so much like we expected. The Show  "The Middle"was being filmed at Magic Kingdom on this day. We really did not know what was happening, but it was cool to actually find out.

 I just love the way Karsyn and Kree are looking in this picture. It's like they were having a conversation and mommy decided to take a picture. So Sweet!!!!

  Walking the parade go by while waiting on the older kids to get off the carousal was great. As the lady walked down the street she was saying magical phrases like the queen is coming. 
 Making our way to meet Cinderalla and Bella was great. Kaden enjoyed this a lot. I guess because we has able to get a kiss from Bella. HAHA!!! My baby is already liking women.

Donald Duck was a character for sure. Kennedy Grace laughed so had that her faces began to shake. So magical in her eyes. That was the WOW factor that hooked daddy to say we are coming back to Disney next Spring Break. He loved seeing his baby girl so happy. Mommy loved it too it warmed our hearts. 
 We finally got a nice pic with Daphne Duck . Kaden wasn't so nice to Mr. Duck. Well that's Kaden!!!!

 Getting ready to enter into 

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

 It was so fun to ride with you guys. Daddy had to style outside with Karysn and Kree while we had fun. I will cherish that moment forever.

 Seeing a live performance was amazing too. It's was almost over once we got there, but the finale was great. The live music, singing, and dancing was wonderful.

 LOL someone wanted to be a Big GIRL and wear flip flops…. well let's just say after spending 8 hours in a theme park. My baby was tired and her feet was hurting. I know we will remember next year to wear sneakers everyday. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

 HAHAHA Daddy just had to try the BIG TURKEY LEG!!!! It was solo good.
Everynight once we left the park daddy always wanted to visit Dowtown Disney and explore so glad we did it was fun, but crowded for sure.
LEGOLAND was the first stop for this crew. It's was a mad house inside, but it did not stop you guys from spending money and wanting everything inside.

Now I loved this store so much I had to return the morning we left just to make special purchasing while you guys stayed in the car.SHHHHH don't tell daddy, but I am already planning on setting up Kennedy Grace and Karsyn  getting a make over at 

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

 Candy, Candy, Candy!!!!!! So much candy to choose from. Fill the bags and let's just say that you guys filled your bags full of candy. Our bill was a lot. HAHAHAHH Next time we will know how it all works with filling the bags and the weighing concept. 

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