Monday, April 9, 2012

Up Grade

I can not wait until it's time for me to upgrade my Verizon cell phone. I have to wait until June,but it's of since I have a $50.00 credit towards my next phone. I am waiting to upgrade to this Don't know whether or not I will get the white or black one. I have been waiting it become an Apple Iphone person for quite sometime now and now that Verizon carries the phones why not. Now I will need a case for it. I really don't like the Otterbox's that is out there like this.
It's something about the thickness of it. People say I am weird. I just want something very chic and simple like

from ShorelyChic on Etsy.

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KJJ Houston said...

super cute cases, I dont have an iphone either! I want one really bad, but I have to wait until my plan is up to get one.
So maybe by then the new 5 will be out, who knows when that will come.