Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Break

 I know that I am a little behind,but with everything going on UGH!!! It's hard to blog a lot latley. Spring Break at our house was very low key and when I say low key we did not take a vacation or anything. The DH Spring Break was the week before our because we work in two different school systems and that is just how the calenders where planned. The kids and I just went to Nana's house everyday and enjoy watching her get a new metal roof put on her house. I believe the only person that enjoyed Spring Break was Kyron. He decided that he wanted to hangout with his cousins and go fishing for the first time. Well let's just say that he loves it. My baby caught 2 fish. YEAH!!!!!!!! Way to go Kyron. Now that is all we talks about going fishing again. Guess we will have a little fisherman in the Brown household now.

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