Friday, March 19, 2010


Hi everyone out there I know I am always the last one to hear about the latest fashion, but when it came to baby diaper bag I thought I knew them all. Well not all, but most of them. I was at work and several of my girlfriends was talking about purchasing me a diaper bag for Kaden. They are the sweetest ladies a girl could ever ask for. Anyway back to the diaper bag. One of my friends was talking about a Kalencom diaper bag and I had never heard of them before. I know you are thinking this girl lives in the back woods in Alabama and never get out and hear the news. Well, I guess so because this was a new one for me. Now you all know that I have two other children that had very nice diaper bags, but not this type of bag. They are very stylish. I decieded to get a bag that could be used for Kyron, Kennedy Grace, and Kaden since they are so close in age and I still have to carry things for them too. With Kennedy Grace being a girl I did not need a boy colored bag and the boys did not need a girl colored bag so I decided on this one.

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