Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boys Room 101...........

I know you guys think that's all this lady does in talk about decorating, shopping, or her kids. Hi I think every girl does that. I am thinking about long range room arrangements for the boys. I know Kyron will be 4 years older then Kaden,but do you think they will be able to share rooms or have separate rooms. I am so confused about this situation because I feel that Kyron will want to have his one space later in life and I can totally understand that. I just want them to love on each other and share rooms as long as they can. Right now I hate the way our house is arranged.Kyron and Kennedy Grace both have their bedrooms upstairs with a full bath which they never sleep in because the Dh and I are totally scared of Kennedy Grace on the stairs right now. Kyron is a master at the stair case. They both sleep together in the extra bedroom that is located down stairs. I know you are thinking she has a boy and a girl sleeping in the same room.Well they are babies and I don't think they care about it. LOL Anyway I planned on turning the room downstairs into Kaden's bedroom and take the two little ones up stairs into their our rooms again. Kyron right now has a full size bed which his crib changed into and Kennedy Grace's will do the same. So I can not purchase them any beds right away. Kyron does need a new dresser. I am just drooling all over
this for the boys sharing rooms and it look like this! I love everything about the room.

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