Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kyron's 4th Birthday

Kyron's 1st Birtday was celebrated with a lot of family and friends and he really did not have a theme everything was blue and green with the the number "1" on everything. Well I guess you would say his theme was NUMBER 1.

Kyron's 2nd Birthday was celebrated by having a MICKEY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE PARTY THEME

Kyron's 3rd Birthday was celebrated with a Safari Theme based on his favorite movie MADAGASCAR.

This year he loves CARS the Disney movie so his cake will have the CARS Characters on it.

We are not having a party this year since brother Kaden is due in the same month as Kennedy Grace's birthday and I knew I would not be able or feeling up to a party for her so I thought it was only fair that Kyron did not have one either.


Lacy said...

So funny that you found me in the blog world and my birthday is the same day as your son's. Hope you all had a great day!

hibnerfamily.com said...

Happy Birthday, Kyron! Looks like he had so much fun :)