Friday, July 17, 2009

Safari Themed Birthday Party

Over at Kelly's Korner she has been hosting birthday parties. I just decided to share my son's 3rd birthday. His theme was a Safari celebration. He loves the Movie Madagascar I and II so I decided to base his party from Madagascar II in Africa and made it a Safari themed party. When the guest arrived they were welcome with this sign.Once the guest entered the house they received a bottle water, Safari hat,binoculars and oh each person had to receive this medicine before they enter into the safari.

Everychild's photo was taken behind this background Here's the Birthday Boy . Lunch consist of Snake Eggs ( Grapes), Monkey Treats ( Bananas), Safari Sandwiches ( Peanut Butter and Jelly), Jungle Sandwiches ( Ham and Cheese on Honey Wheat Bread), Creepy Crawly Bug( Gummy Worms), Animals Crackers (Cookies), Moth Wings ( Chips), Jungle Juice( Green Hawaiian Punch), Dried Ants ( Raisins), and Worms ( Hot Dogs)
Want to see more photo's watch the slideshow.

Check back my little girls 1st birthday party is Saturday.Can't wait to show pictures.

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Candice said...

What a creative table set up, and I love the jeep! How cute,thanks for sharing