Monday, July 27, 2009

Kyron's First Day of K-3 School

Today was Kyron's first day of school. Everything was great last night. Kyron ate his dinner, took a bath, I read him two stories, and then it was time to go to bed. Well I thought Kyron wanted to stay up with daddy until about 9:00 the sleep started to come into his eyes and he feel asleep in my arms on the couch watching "Hammertime". This morning was normal he got up ate oatmeal and got dress for school. He started gathering his things like his nap mat, backpack, and lunch tote. Then I guess it started to sink into his head that mommy and daddy is going to leave me. So he went on to ask his daddy are you going to leave me at school today. My DH told me yes and Kyron told him I want to stay with you. Well we started to leave for school and we are driving and the DH started saying that he was getting butterflies in his stomach and I thought he was crazy. Got to the school and went inside. Kyron walked down the hallway like a big boy.Entered into the class room and get what happens? Mommy started crying. I mean crying like I had lost my best friend. My DH looked at me and started smiling like what is wrong with you. Well I was able to keep it in a little just to sneak away from Kyron as he started to play. I guess I wasn't a big girl after all. Here are just a few photos that we took today of the little fella as he starts a different chapter in his life. Please pray that he has a wonderful school year?


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ilovepink said...

Awww! What a big boy! I cried when I left my princesd at 2K last year. Now, I am ready for her to start preschool again! Ha! I do love Potato Saks and had a trunk show last season I will probably have another for fall. I think Ali did go private....she may have even quit blogging???