Saturday, September 20, 2008

Roll Tide Roll!!!!

Today was a every nice day. ALABAMA beat Arkansas. What a great game. Sorry Kelly Maybe next time. After watching the game I decided to blog hop. I have really found a lot of nice blogs to peek at from time to time. One is Erin man I tell ya this girl has great taste from planning a wedding, to planning a birthday party etc. Check it out here if you have time. While reading her blog I think the DH and I will take a vacation to this lovely place. Maybe on our next honeymoon. After having a very nice second honeymoon the DH and I must have a fabulous wedding like this one A girl can dream right.
Well enough about that. I have to go now. I have to watch the Auburn Tiger get beat by LSU. I really hope Auburn loses. Remember we are a house divided fam. The DH is for Auburn and I am for Alabama. I guess our Kiddos Will be confused. Until next time.

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