Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Morning at Walmart

Can you believe that this morning bright and early after the DH and Kyron left for work and babysitter. Yes you read it correct Kyron still goes to the babysitter everyday. I did not want to take him out of routine for the month of August because I will be back at work next month. Kennedy Grace and I had to take back some diapers that was given to her before she was born. She had newborn and size ones of these. Kennedy Grace has outgrown them. That's right she is only 1 month and is wearing a size 2. Once we got to the service desk the total for the return was $121.00 worth of diapers that I had to exchange. After looking at the diapers I decided to get her and her brother these type of diapers.Kennedy Grace's diapers & Big bother Kyron's Diapers. I hope Kyron and daddy can adjust to the change with his diapers. For two years Kyron wore these and these. We can't wait until big brother get into these. Do anyone have suggestion for potty training little boys!

Just something to get you thinking. I wonder if I will be this type of mother to my kids once they start school.(LUNCH)


mslil65 said...

I hope that's the good kind of Mom. LOL! (Although believe me, we have had plenty of fast food and total junk...and I have lots of Mom guilt to prove it!)

I wish I could offer words of wisdom on the potty training boys weren't exactly eager to learn. And my two year old has no interest whatsoever. SO, I'll keep checking your blog to see whet tips YOU have for me! LOL!

Marcella said...

Hi, Deidre,

I got your message on my blog about teaching from home. I don't know what your background is, but before you start looking, I can tell you that most online universities require a Master's or Doctoral Degree in the subject you'd be teaching, experience teaching at the high school or collegiate level and usually 5 to 8 years of teaching experience. I did a lot of research at this seemed to be consistent with most schools. I don't know if Alabama has a virtual high school, but you could try that, too. Many states have that now and it's becoming very popular with students who need to stay home and watch their younger siblings or students who work or students who are being homeschooled. You can still work from home and still keep your state teaching retirement that you've invested so far. I found as a good source of many on-line opportunities. Good luck!