Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kits for Sale

Hello everyone! It has been a long week so far at work. I still have not gotten back in the swing of being back at work. I have prayed, prayed,prayed, and thought, thought, and thought about several options that I might want to try. The options are starting a monthly scrap booking kit club, opening a scrap booking store, or even starting my own line of something dealing with scrapbooking materials. I really need your help out there in blog world. (wink) I am wanting to get some input from everyone who loves to scrapbook on what is needed right now. I am really wanting to start the monthly kit club, but really do not know where to begin. If theirs anyone who is willing to give advice please fill free. Right now I need all the help I can get. Also I am wanting to know if everyone will be willing to support the club. I know that starting a business is always taking chances, but I feel that GOD will help me along the way. I have puzzled myself and my DH about coming up with a name. If your have any suggestion feel free to include those. Well I have to go for now. Happy Scrapping!

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