Saturday, September 15, 2012

Star Student

This past week Kennedy-Grace's was student of the week. Everyday she was responsible for something
Monday- Take Photos of your family
Tuesday-Bring you favorite book
Wednesday- Bring your favorite toy
Thursday- Bring your scrapbook page to be placed inside the class scrapbook
Friday- Bring your favorite snack to share with the class.

Sweet girl was sick in this photo and mommy did not know until that night had a temp.  and could not attend school the next day. Poor baby look at those watery eyes.

 My baby girl is all better with her big smile was able to attend school and share her personal scrapbook page. Everyone loved it especially the Best Star Student!!!!

Kenndey-Grace wanted to share one of her many snacks. A Cookie Cake and mommy just had to have it decorated with Star Student. Once Kennedy- Grace got home from school she said ." Mommy the cookie cake was Yummy Yummy to my Tummy!!!! LOL Gotta love that girl.

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