Monday, March 7, 2011

Beach Homes

Oh I just love beach homes, well not just any beach home. If I had the choice of which beach home to live in it would be this one
Don't your mouth just drools when you look at the photo? It’s the Ocean Breezes beach house in New Hampshire. It was designed by TMS Architects, and it’s GORGEOUS!

Look at the view of the Atlantic Ocean. OH my!!!!!

The Kitchen and Dining Room are just as nice as the lovely family room. Take of look for yourself.

This is a Master suite any girl would ask for.

If you would like to drool someone head on over to TMS Architects web site and scroll through the residential projects till you find Ocean Breezes. Also check out Lovelace Interiors, and photographer Rob Karosis.

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Brandi said...

I would die for that beach house!!!!! LOVE it! The boys' pillows came from the chocolate zebra...i have a button on my sidebar on my blog. Cheap too...$25!!