Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Recap 2010

Before I start with my picture overload. I must say that this past Christmas was one of the best yet for the kids. They enjoyed every second of it. Kyron was so happy Christmas morning he shouted "THANK YOU SANTA" as loud as he could. He is such a sweet kid. Sorry to say that Kaden never really made it in any of the photos because he was either sleeping, eating, or crying. That's Kaden for you always in someones arms doing one of the three mentioned.

Being silly for the camera.

The kids really enjoyed making cookies for Santa.

Writing their letters to Santa. It was so funny because Kennedy Grace wrote.... well said everything that Kyron was saying to Santa in his letter. That girl really loves her brother.Sorry that momma could not find any cute Christmas paper around the house, but I was able to find some school paper with a big red apple on the top.

Nana and Paw Paw decided to visit everyone on Christmas Eve since Nana got the word of Snow in the forecast for Christmas Day.

This is our one shot at a family photo and it's so hard to do with three little ones. Look at my boys misbehaving.

Before bed Kyron and Kennedy Grace had to pour their magic reindeer food on the lawn. If you noticed Kennedy Grace does not have on her Christmas PJ's because someone had an accident and they were in the washer. Poor baby! Do worry brother wasted hot chocolate on his once we went back in the house. So lets say that both of my babies had to wear mix match bottoms to bed.

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