Saturday, July 10, 2010

Trip to the Dentist

Here are photos of Kyron and Kennedy Grace's Dentist Appointment. The kids enjoyed playing in the lobby and playing with several kids that was waiting in the waiting room. Kyron went back first and boy I decided to take Kennedy Grace to the Potty and we heard brother given the ladies a ear full. When I say an ear full I mean he was screaming so bad that you thought someone was killing him. After a while he got better and enjoyed his visit and Dr. Norby told us that this teeth were good and needed to be back in 6 months for another cleaning. Way to go Kyron. Well I had to take Kennedy Grace to the back when it was her turn and she decided to give them an ear full too. Both of my children was not happy with the ladies checking and cleaning their teeth. Kennedy Grace has to visit Dr. Norby again very soon due to her tooth coming in with a little hole. As a mother I am think a 1 year old had a cavity, but he assured me that it's not a cavity and that it's normal. So off to the Dentist again on August 4th.Pray that everything will be ok.



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