Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain Boots

I have always been a fan of these and have been meaning to order me some every since last year, but for some reason I never really got around to it. It's my goal this Fall to get them ordered. But this morning as I was searching the Internet I noticed that my favorite shoe designer Tory Burch has a nice rain boot as well. Take a look at this I also noticed them at a new website that I never heard of before. Check it out they have alot of great designer things.
Oh and well..... since I am talking about shopping I think I will order some Oakley Sunglasses that I have been wanting as well.I think I have drooled enough this morning. I have my work cut out for me this fall with purchases that I want as well as for the kids. Boy I sure hope having three kids don't make or force my shopping to stop, but if it does its worth it!!!!!!

Oh I can't forget to mention that my Tory Burch Reva's should be here soon. I received a conformation for Nordstroms saying they have been shipped.I just wanted to add that in.

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