Friday, March 27, 2009

It's My Anniversary

Stroll down and turn the music off at the bottom of the page and listen to Tony, Toni, Tone

Sorry for the bad photo, but I had to scan them into the computer. It's been 5 wonderful years being married to the man of my dreams. Technically we have been together a total of 13 years, but only married 5 years. I know that's a long time to date, but when you are high school sweethearts I guess that's not long at all.
Thank you for being sure a wonderful husband who is my bod guard when it my feeling,

Thank you for being such a wonderful dad to our two precious babies,

Thank you being my tissue when the tears seem to fall down my face,

Thank you for being my prayer partner with my struggles in life,

Thank you for all the inspiration you share when it comes to helping me become closer to God,

Thank you for for being my best friend, my husband, and my everything.

Happy Anniversary Babe!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Kristie said...

Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride!!!