Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scrapbook Albums

I think I got it. Thanks to Heather I can say that I have it figuered out how to organize my photos and scrap pages.

Red: Christmas ( I have Christmas scrapped since Kyron was born and love to put this out during the holidays so people can look at it..anything pertaining to the Christmas season is in here)

Light Blue: Holidays other than Christmas (as you know, I really like to do holiday layouts, so ones like New Years, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, etc are in here)

Brown: "Places We Go"..ie, travel but also places around here our home town.

Red: "All About Kyron"...any layouts about just him are in here

Green: "Friends and Family"...any layouts with family other than holidays and friends are in here..I may change it, but for right now, that's what it is.

Pink: "All About Kennedy-Grace"...any layouts about just her.

Black:"This album will be about the DH and I.

Birthday album well I have not decided on an album yet.

All I need how is this scrap space and I will be ok!

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