Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's almost Christmas!

I know I know the kids have not went trick or treating or have the family gather around the table to give thanks and eat the turkey. But this time of year is so exciting for me that I am already browsing the Internet shopping for the kids and myself. I really have not decided on the DH Christmas gift yet or the family gift. I believe I will get Kyron on of these He loves to set in front of the television and watch the Disney channel so I feel that he will really enjoy himself setting in one of these babies. Kennedy-Grace will really enjoy one of these by the time it's Christmas.. She's already holding her head up and wanting to jump right out of your arms. So purchasing one of these babies will really keep here entertained. I hope so! Now for mommy, I really and truly want a lot of things. But the one thing I want the most is these.I can really take up close pictures of the babies with one of these.
Shopping for clothes are a must around this place. Everyone needs new clothes right. Can anyone give me some suggestion on were to shop for the kids some nice clothes.Stores like GAP, Gymboree,Old Navy, The Children's Place are already on the list.

Since my blog title was about Christmas. I decided to search the web and fine some Christmas cards. I really like this and then I decided to browse the Internet for Kennedy-Grace an outfit for Halloween and found this site.

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heather said...

Hi Deidra! Glad you stopped by my blog! Listen, both of my kids have those pottery barn chairs and LOVE them..Chaz is almost 6 and still uses his all the that would be a great gift!

Also, LOVE those tutu sets you linked!

Check Belk's out for kids clothes, especially girls..I get Bailey the best clothes there and I love their brand "J Khaki"..really cute and they hold up well..right now they are 40% they are affordable too...I'm thinking you would have a Belk's in Alabama? I live in GA...