Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a Saturday

Hello everyone out there in Blog World. Today has been a very long and some what boring day. First off I guess the day was boring because we didn't do anything, but sit at home and watch television and telling Kyron to stop pinching people. You heard me right my little fella is pinching people instead of biting people he has learned to pinch. Just look at this fella. Does he look like a pincher?

Well he is and the DH and I are so tired of him doing this. On another note. I decided to scrapbook some layouts today. I joined the Got Sketch 101 Class that Valerie Salmon and Janna Wilson created. Man it is a blast. I have meet so many different people. After scrapbooking some layouts I decided to go onto the web and browse. I am still dedciding on whether or not I want the IMAC or not. Right now we have a Dell and we love it. I am tring to convince the DH that he can use the Dell and I will use the IMAC. I hope I will get one for Christmas.I know, I know that I am wanting an expensive gift for Christmas,but I am thinking about getting him one of these baby's. Don't even say what I think you are going to say. I know that everyone in the family will enjoy this so it's not like it's his gift right. Right!(wink) With Kennedy Grace coming soon I ask the DH if we could buy these baby. Well lets hope we get it.
After shopping I mean browsing I decided to blog hop and I hop over to Angie's blog while viewing her blog I noticed some interesting things. Well let just say that they are interesting to me because I love to see women with their own businesses. On Angie's blog she gave a huge shout out to a lady name Laurie . Man I tell ya Laurie knows a lot of women who own their own business. Just take a look for yourself. While I was there I notice this. This lady has my business anyday. I could order cupcake after cupcake after cupcake. Well I guess I have to go now the DH is calling. He wants to take the family out for a drive around town. Until next time.

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