Friday, April 18, 2008

Long time no Blog!!!

I have been on Spring Break this week and I can really say that I have really tried to relax this week. I was a little upset because our Disney trip got canceled! But I guess God does every thing for a reason. Sunday is my little man's 2nd birthday!I am so excited! Boy they sure do grow up fast. We are going to celebrate with cake and ice cream on Saturday. I know that his birthday is Sunday, but I did not want to do anything the day before I go back to work. His theme for the cake and ice cream party is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I promise I will share so photos after everything is over. My lovely husband decided last night that he also wanted to grill out. I told him that I wanted to keep it same with just family. He was determined to cook out so I guess the man of the house has spoken a cook out it is.

While looking onto Becky Higgins blog to copy this great recipe for the toffee apple dip. I can across Emily's Creative Holiday Idea Blog I noticed something really interesting that I think I will try next year for Easter
Well I guess I will do now. I will post again really soon! Until next time!

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