Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stormy Weather!

Today has been a stormy day. The weather outside is bad. It all started at 4:00a.m. this morning. Lighting, Thunder, and heavy rain. Today we are under a Tornado Warning until further notice. I cannot wait until it's over. I guess you guys are thinking under a Tornado warning and you are on the computer blogging. Well it's pretty steady right know so I decided to browse the Internet and look for a stroller for Kennedy. I still have my Graco stroller from Kyron. That stroller takes up to much stay in the back of my SUV. I decided on this baby today.I can't wait to order it. By the way I guess I should mention that our Disney World trip has been canceled. My husband spring break from work is starting Monday, March 17-21st. I booked our vacation from my spring break in April. I thought his was the same time as mine.I guess not. Then I decided to call Disney and change our vacation until the first week in June. Once I told a coworker about this she reminded me of this .There was no way my husband and I were taking our little boy to see something like that in our faces everyday. It's no way possible. I did not want to go to Disney World later in the summer because of the heat. I don't think a girl that is due in July would like to stand in long lines and deal with the weather. Maybe God wanted us to wait until Kennedy can enjoy the trip as well. There is always next year.

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