Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did someone say Circus!!!

I can not wait until Saturday. The DH and I are taking Kyron to his first Circus. I think I am a little more excited than the two of them. I decided to go ahead an book our Spring Break Vacation. The DH and I keep debating on whether or not to take Kyron to Disney of to Gatlinburg, or the beach. Well lets just say that Disney won the toss. So the Brown Family is going to Disney.
I guess it's Christmas all over for me. The DH and I are going to purchase a new camera today after work. I am so excited that I am ready to leave work and go shopping! I kinda joked around this past weekend about us going to the circus this weekend and taking Kyron to Disney and not having a good camera to take photos, so Torry decided that we needed to purchase one before the trips start to take place and the new baby comes in July! I love that man! He always make sure that Kyron and I have the best of everything.

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