Monday, July 9, 2007

Weekend of Love!

I had such a nice weekend. My cousin got married at a center in Cropwell, Al. The wedding was beautiful and everyone was at this event. My husband and son attended the wedding with me. My 14 month old boy was very well behaved. Everyone was happy to see him. I wish I had some pictures to show, but I did not take any beause the wedding was by candle light and I could not really see their faces. That Saturday morning it rain, and rain, and rain. I thought to myself that the wedding was not going to be nice with all the rain that was coming, but I was wrong it turned out to be a wonderful event.

I was glad to know that my mother and her sisters were on their way back home from a week long trip to North Carolina, Washington, and New York. This was their annual sister vaction that they take every year.

I wished I could have went with them, but they did not want me to go (sad face) if was for sisiters only. I am happy to say that week after next we are takeing the kids to the beach in South Carolina. Can't wait. I will keep you posted.

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