Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Girl Went Shopping!!

I am so excited to be back home from the beach. The DH was so happy to see that we returned home safe. Kyron was so excited to see his dad that he forgot about mommy ( sad face) just kidding. Mommy was happy to see daddy so that he could give her a break. The entire trip Kyron was so attached to mommy that everyone was saying thing like you must be excepting again because he does not want you out of his sight. Well lets just wait and see!!!!! Here are so photos for Kyron on the beach. He did not like the water or the sand at first. I told my sister that I will have to take him back every summer to the beach so that he want be afraid.

That is my Handsome Man! Momma just love him to death!!!!

Spending a lot of time at the beach a girl had to fine a Michael's. After reading Amy's Blog, I had to go an purchase some of the Martha Stewart's Items. I fell in love with all of the stuff. Here are some Pics of some of the things that I did purchase.

Oh, by the way I purchased some of the favorite line of scrap material K& Company and guess who was on the back of one of the packets of paper was Valerie Salman . Michael's also had clearance on Sizzix machine and die cuts . So I had to purchase them. I also had to add to my Clothing Collection. I shopped at Banana Republic, Gap, Liz C. and Hartstring
(For Kyron) and I had to add to my Brighton collection while I was on vacation. I bought a new bangle bracelet

When I returned my DH asked me how much money did I bring home. I told him $1.00 and I am not telling a story. I shopped until I dropped!!!!

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Teresa said...

Wow, sounds like you had a blast! Your son is too cute! Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)